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Jun. 2016 We have a dome movie screening every month at ICAM CO., LTD.
Next screening will be June 25.
First episode “Miraculous voyage with MICRO” 10:30 / 12:30
Second episode “The Beginning of Everything” 11:30 / 13:30
Participation fee: \500 for once for one person
\600 for once for one adult + one child
Reservation: TEL 03-3960-9611   E-mail dome@icam.co.jp
Mar. 2016 Our first dome movie “Miraculous Voyage with MICRO” play at the Sumida elementary school for 5th and 3rd grade students.
Mar. 2016 Our first dome movie “Miraculous Voyage with MICRO” play at the Regus Science Festa 2016.
Date: March 5
Place: Shinjuku Cosmic Center
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DVD Book 『Breath』 DVDBOOK "Spacetime Cube"!!
Vol.03「Circulation」(coming next)
DVD Book『共生のはじまり』 DVDBOOK
「The Beginning of Symbiosis」
What is the relationship between symbiotic bacteria and us.
DVD Book『The Beginning of Life 』 DVDBOOKs now on sale!!
「History of the Rat
 Inscribed in the Chromosomes」
「The Beginning of Life 」
「From Egg to Human Baby」
Man and Medicine
The Stomach