Why the stomach never digest itself ?
The Stomach -The elaborate mechanism of digestion-
The Stomach -The elaborate mechanism of digestion-
This movie was received prize at film festivals.
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【title】 The Stomach -The elaborate mechanism of digestion-
【specification】 158 x 215 mm (DVD and Book with Box Case)
  [DVD:14min./Japanese/English/NTSC/region codes 2]
  [Booklet:32page/Full Color/Japanese]
【ISBN Number】 978-4-900960-22-0
【price】 \3,000(tax excluded)
【date of issue】 November 18, 2009
【publisher】 ICAM CO., LTD.
Function of "digestion of food", Indispensable to the maintenance of life.

There is the digestion of food by gastric acid and digestive enzyme, and the protecting itself by gastric mucus. The function is maintained under the delicate balance between them. This isn’t completely understood,

To understand how this works, we observed the stomach from various angles. We succeeded to visualize the mechanism of Gastric acid secretion, repeated with each meal, so complicate and skillful.
-Scenario "The Stomach -The elaborate mechanism of digestion-"

 ・Structure of the stomach
 ・The cell constitutes gastric glands
 ・Structure of the stomach viscous liquid

※Booklet is written by Japanese only.
Production note(excerpted)
"Food that is swallowed is sent to the stomach, proteins are digested. The working of digestion repeated in our stomach every day, every meal. but, to photograph it is necessary the device by the X-rays, If it is not solid, not projected as food. It comes in barium, stomach X-rays familiar. Through trial and error, it was the bavarois barium and barium soaked bread that was able to take image by transmission X-rays."

"Scanning electron microscope (SEM), it cannot be seen the gastric acid by fixed, but the mucus. And finally, we found same structure as the black mark by SEM, that was observed under the optical microscope."
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