This is the our star point !! We record the drama of the Beginning of Life.
DVDBOOK[The Beginning of Life]
DVDBOOK[The Beginning of Life]

【title】 The Beginning of Life The Mammalian Story
【specification】 158 x 215 mm (DVD and Book with Box Case)
  [Booklet:56page/Full Color/Japanese/English]
【ISBN Number】 978-4-900960-32-9
【price】 \2,800円(tax excluded)
【date of issue】 June 24, 2009
【publisher】 ICAM CO., LTD.

In 1969, when man landed on the moon, we had aimed to another universe.
This is the first record of the life birth that anyone never accomplished.

We announced this movie in an American society of fertility and sterility. The TIME spared 4 pages to introduce this movie. And various magazines in the world, French PARIS MATCH, DER SPIEGEL, placed a photograph of our movie. The movie became the topics of the world.


・The Silver Bacuranium, First Prize in the 15 th International Scientific and Educational Film Festival at Padova University in the 31 Venice International Film Festival, Italy
・Special Invitation, Moscow International Film Festival, USSR
・Gold Plaketu, Jugoslovensko Drustvo Za Sirenje Naucnih Saznanja Nikola Tesra, Yugoslavia
・First Prize in the Category of Documentary, XII Mostra International do Filme Cientifico, Rio de Janeiro, Brajil
・Honorary Award, Kiev Convention of the International Science Film Association, Ukraine
・Special Invitation, National Convention of Family Planning, India
・The John Muir Memorial Hospital Medical Film Festival Award, USA
・Honorary Award, International Scientific Film Festival Beijing, China
・Best Film Prize, Science and Technology Film Festival, Japan
・Award for Excellence, Art Festival, Japan
・Best Film Prize, Japan PR Film Festival, Japan

-Credit Title
-Scenario "The Beginning of Life"
-Production Note
Production note(excerpted)
"This film, The Beginning of Life, which we completed in 1970, is an important work for us, as it was our starting point. Our company was founded for the purpose of making it. But in fact it was not our first project together. We started out with no money and no equipment."

"To collect funding for production, we advertised that scientific film was the ideal for PR. Then we got funding to make a film "Probing the Secrets of the Stomach". That was how we were able to purchase a camera and microscope.

The film was captured the Silver Bacuranium in the 14th International Scientific and Educational Film Festival at Padua University in the Venice International Film Festival."

"So our filming of The Beginning of Life had begun, but we still faced our most formidable barrier: the division of fertilized eggs. At the time, only the first 4 to 8 cell divisions had ever been witnessed in mammals.

We were convinced we could do it, and got down to work. Normally such phenomena are viewed in a glass petri dish, but the eggs simply refused to divide. We realized that the petri dish was too rigid and cold - completely unlike the environment inside the womb - so we tried using a sponge instead. We witnessed the morula stage. The world was amazed. To this day, the animal husbandry industry uses our method in artificial fertilization, nurturing eggs to the morula stage on sponges before returning them to the mother’s womb."
Jun-ichiro Takeda
(Interviewer : Tomoko Kawamura)
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