The breathing that is indispensable to live.
Don't you search for that mechanism from the world of the spacetime cube?
Spacetime Cube Monade 01 Breath
時空キューブ生命01 呼吸
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【title】 Spacetime Cube Monade 01 Breath
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  [Booklet:90Page/Full Color/Japanese]
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【date of issue】 August 31, 2009
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The DVD BOOK series ‘Spacetime Cube Monade’ totally captures all images unfold in time and space axis through the story with 3D cubic world.

Breathing. Inhaling air and absorbing its oxygen.

The air passes through the nasal cavity, and strikes the respiratory tract’s walls and reaches the alveolar sacs. The alveolar epithelium type II cells of each alveolus secrete pulmonary surfactant to protect and help to expansion of alveoli.

The gas exchange takes place alveoli and capillaries on them. The hemoglobin in the red blood cells bind with oxygen and carry to all the cells of the body.

Every cell in the body uses oxygen to produce energy, stores as ATP and consumes. And then carbon dioxide occurs. It is carried to alveoli and is exhaled with the breath. The air expelled through our bodies returns to the atmosphere.
■ Booklet
Spacetime Cube Monade 01 Breath(Booklet) ◆Scenario
◆Practical Guide -The gas exchange the basic mechanism
1. What's the "gas exchange"?
2. Gas composition in the atmosphere
3. Gas moves by pressure difference
4. Atmosphere reaching the lung -the beginning of the gas exchang
5. The respiratory tract to the alveolus
   -Gas composition in the atmosphere changes
6. The alveoli where the gas exchange is taken place
7. The oxygen binds to the hemoglobin
8. The gas exchanging at the peripheral tissue
9. Oxygen partial pressure in the blood fluctuates
10. Conformational change of the hemoglobin and oxygen saturation
11. Affinity of hemoglobin and oxygen changes
   -oxygen dissociation curve shift
12. Movement of carbon dioxide
13. Changing factor of carbon dioxide
14. The relationships between pH, lung and renal
15. Maintenance of homeostasis by balance
   between kidney and lung function
16. Two receptors coordinate

■ Spacetime Cube Monade
01 Breath
02 Digestion
03 Circulation (coming next)
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