TOPICS of 2013
Dec. On December 05, science film screening hosted by the ICS was held, at the National College for physics and chemistry in the Latin Quarter, Paris.@Our film "Breath" was screened and this is the voice from the audience.@"This is a great pleasure that we can watch this movie the level as high as this.
Dec. yEventzICAMfs dome movie gMiraculous Voyage with MICROh was screened at the gLetfs experience world of cellsg.
Date: December 15
Place: Ochanomizu University
Host: Citizen Science Initiative Japan (CSIJ)
Nov. yEventzDome movie gMiraculous Voyage with MICROh was screened at CHIBA MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY Science dome(23m in diameter).
Date: November 28 - December 15
Nov. yEventzWe are exhibited at the Science Agora 2013. gLetfs experience Life and Cells in dome moviesh Air dome screening.
Date: November 9 -10
Place: Tokyo International Exchange Center Plaza Heisei, Gymnasium
Oct. yAnnouncementzOur chairman Junichiro Takeda was prized a honour award and speeched at a commendation ceremony of the Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan, Inc. (MPTE) awards 2013 on October 23.
Oct. Sale on Oct 04!! DVDBOOKwזE L'univers de la cellulex
Sep. yEventzAn air dome screening was held at ga lecture open to the public Be yourself with CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia) - h on September 22, world CML day.
Aug. yEventzAn air dome screening was held at summer vacation special event gWatch a dome movie and talk about Lifeh.
Date: August 17 - 18
Place: Tokyo shigoto Center, B2F Lecture-hall
This event joined the Tokyo International Science Festival (TISF) and the International Festival of Science Visualization (IFSV).
A report of this event was placed in a blog of the Citizen Science Initiative Japan (CSIJ).
Aug. yEventzDome movie was screened at the 60th national junior high school science education research meeting.
Date: August 8 - 9
Place: Katsushika symphony hills, Annex 4F atelier
Aug. yEventzA dome movie was screened at the Kasumigaseki observation day for children.
gExperience dome movies! Contact to Micro cells and Macro Universeh
gMiraculous Voyage with MICROh short version was screened.
Date: August 7 - 8
Place: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Entrance plaza
Jun. yPostzA dome movie of ICAM was introduced by the SCIENCE CHANNEL of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
Title: gNews mini Letfs enter cellsh
You can watch the movie at follow sites.
YouTube / iTunesU
Jun. Sale on Jun 04!! DVDBOOKwlƐl̊ԂɁ@Humansx
May. ypublicationzIn Paris Junkudo, ICAM Book Fair is held in this month.
May. yEventzSecond air dome caravan of ICAM. gMiraculous Voyage with MICROh was screened for 1st to 5th grade students and their parents at Shimizukubo elementary school of Ota ward
Mar. yEventzFirst air dome caravan of ICAM. gMiraculous Voyage with MICROh was screened as special science class for second grade students at Takashima 1st junior high school of Itabashi ward.
Jan. yEventzICAM's "medicine" movie event will be held.
OrganizerFCitizen's Science Initiative Japan
DateFJanuary 26,
PlaceFPlanetarium Hall at Hokutopia 6F
If you wish to join in, call "Citizen Science Initiative Japan".
iTEL:03-5834-8328 mail:renraku@shiminkagaku.orgj
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