"Digestion" I take in other life and make it recombination, then become my body.
Don't you search for that mechanism from the world of the spacetime cube?
Spacetime Cube Monade 02 Digestion
Spacetime Cube Monade 02 Digestion
【title】 Spacetime Cube Monade 02 Digestion
【specification】 158 x 215 mm (DVD and Book with Box Case)
  [DVD:43min./Japanese/NTSC/region codes 2]
  [Booklet:104Page/Full Color/Japanese]
【ISBN Number】 978-4-900960-25-1
【price】 \3,619(tax excluded)
【date of issue】 Oct.19, 2010
【publisher】 ICAM CO., LTD.

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The DVD BOOK series ‘Spacetime Cube Monade’ totally captures all images unfold in time and space axis through the story with 3D cubic world.

Digestion is how we take life from other things and incorporate it into our own. The large molecules having composed other living things are broken down into smaller, microscopic molecules. Each of the epithelial cells absorbed the molecules of nutrients through a thousand microvilli that make the boundary between the inside of the body and the outside. Now small molecules will be assembled into large ones, creating new life in our human bodies.

Now let’s see details of the digestion process, making full use of microscopy. Why the stomach never digest itself? Why the stomach digests only food? Why does the small intestine need to be so long? In our body, many cells are turning over continuously, and the sloughed-off cells of our own bodies are broken down and digested.

Receipt of taste and odor information triggers selection of nutrients to take into the body. The autonomously acting digestive tract has individual neuron system and net working among cells. There are our immune system and symbiotic bacteria in the human digestive tract. When we look at the digestive tract in this way, we recall evolution of creatures. The digestive tract calling this second brain may be the first home of our mind.
■ Booklet
Spacetime Cube Monade 02 Digestion(Booklet) ◆Scenario
◆Practical Guide -Digestion the basic mechanism
1. Why "Digestion" is needed ?
2. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat
 2-1. Carbohydrates structure and their types
 2-2. Proteins structure and their types
 2-3 .Fat structure and the types
3. Digestion in the tract
 3-1. Digestion of Carbohydrates
 3-2. Digestion of Proteins
 3-3. Digestion of Fat
4. A collaboration of digestion and absorption
  Digestion of brush border on mucous membrane
 4-1. Membrane digestion and absorption of Carbohydrates
 4-2. Membrane digestion and absorption of Protein
 4-3. Absorption of Fat and intracellular transport
5. Microbial Digestion
■ Spacetime Cube Monade
01 Breath
02 Digestion
03 Circulation (coming next)
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