Where did we come from and by what journey?
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【title】 Humans
【specification】 158 x 215 mm (DVD and Book with Box Case)
  [Booklet:112page/Full Color/Japanese/English]
【ISBN Number】 978-4-900960-36-7
【price】 \5,000(tax excluded)
【date of issue】 June 04, 2011
【publisher】 ICAM CO., LTD.

Where did we come from, and where do we go?

Human were born, met with others, love someone, live each limited time,
leave something proof, then return to the big flow of the earth.

Once, Human who have lived in the world of mythology
just began to have common words called the science.

The genesis of the universe, the birth of the earth, evolution of life,
the birth of humanity, the view of cosmos and life in modern science,
all things are picturized here.


1982 Japan Technology of Film Award, JAPAN

-Comments from the planner
-Comments from surpervising director
-On the movie "Humans"
-From the Director

-Scenario "Humans"
 Capter 01: The time of a human is now beginning
 Capter 02: The universe, the earth, Life
 Capter 03: The origin of mankind
 Capter 04: The view of the world of polytheism, The view of the world of monotheism
 Capter 05: The scientific world outlook
 Capter 06: The change of the prospective bring a new world outlook
 Capter 07: Where do you go from here?
 Capter 08: What is it to behave like a human being?
 Capter 09: Live together
 Capter 10: Only human is able to believe, to love and to create.

-Credit Title / Staff

-Production Note
 ・Babies are given everywhere in the world
 ・Entering into Israel
 ・Escaping death on the Dead Sea
 ・The Newton's Apple
 ・Passing through the Checkpoint
 ・The Morning Tea in Ranikhet

-Afterwords Voice after 30 years
Comments from the planner (excerpted)
"We are proud to present "Humans", a life science movie subsequent to "Medicine and Human". "Medicine and Human" was movie that taught human's conscience by showing people in the vanguard of illness, whom devoted in making medicine; on the other hand, "Humans" is a film that shows how humans evolved as a living organism, asking how we humans should be."
Comments from surpervising director (excerpted)
"The earth is over 4 billion years old, and in contrast we ourselves can only live on it for no more than a century. Each and every lives that "come in" and "went out" on earth are just glimpses on earth scale, but for those who were truly able to be aware of the pleasure to be borne as a human being, this frail life can turn into succeeding eternity.
 We can't help but be acutely aware of the dignity of life just seeing these dramatic and solemn scenes this movie show; scene in which a sperm and egg fuse into one, and a baby emerging from his mother."
On the movie "Humans"(excerpted)
"this movie "Humans" is attempting to get a clue to find the true nature of mankind by facing various human livings, starting from the dramatic scene of human birth. To look back at the tracks of our history will most likely be an important reference too; how religion was borne in human society, conflicting with modern science after its birth and yet causing great change in society for the development of science civilization in break-necking speed."
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