Exhibition / Event We have produced the exhibition and the event, science pavilion, Science Museum, and science exposition, etc. We propose a unique idea by using our science image. "Dr. Kitanomarufs Bio&Medicine Laboratory"
at the SCIENCE MUSEUM in Tokyofs Kitanomaru Park as their regular exhibition in 2006

YAKULUT HONSHA CO., LTDfs Exhibition Booth
at The 43rd Japan Society of Clinical Oncology in 2005
"the Body Adventure"
at the Itabashi Science and Education Hall as regular exhibition in 2003

The exhibition theme is eBody Scientificf and it has 4~12 meters large wall painting of the body whose size is about 10 times as large as kids and is equipped with a cockpit in the shape of the cell that is a basic unit of our body. The exhibition revolves around our essential work Breathing and Eating, and uniquely presents some contents. eLung Windowf and eIntestine Windowf are showing our inner body. eLetfs look into our bodyf and eThe Hole to Touch.f eCell Windowf offers a dynamic inner-cellfs images where kids put on its cockpit.
Kanebo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.fs Exhibition Booth
at The 24th Japanese Association of Medical Science in Nagoya in 1995
"Scientific Fantasy Forest"
at the Itabashi Science and Education Hall as Summer Special Exhibition in 1995
at The 28th Japanese Circulation Society in 1994
Nippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd. fs Exhibition Booth
at The 24th General Assembly of The Japan Society for Chemical Laboratory Automation in 1992
Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. fs Exhibition Booth "Vessel"
at The 23th General Assembly of The Japan Medical Congress in Kyoto 1991
Health and Earth Pavilion
at EXPO 88, GIFU-CHUBU Future Expo in 1988
Health and Spots Pavilion "Cell Universe"
at TSUKUBA World Science Expo in 1985

Titled the eCell Universef, has been totally produced by ICAM, the theme is eLove for Naturef, attracted the most visitors 8,090,000 within the all pavilions during the Expo. We got involved in planning, spatial and exhibition design, multiscreen film making, maintenance and also the pavilion management as an executive producer.
Plannerfs company name and other information are original from when it was completed.Contact us for any question.
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