Where did you come from ?
History of the Rat Inscribed in the Chromosomes
History of the Rat Inscribed in the Chromosomes
This movie was received prize at film festivals.
Now It is releases by a DVD book !!

【title】 History of the Rat Inscribed in the Chromosomes
【specification】 158 x 215 mm (DVD and Book with Box Case)
  [Booklet:72page/Full Color/Japanese]
【ISBN Number】 978-4-900960-33-6
【price】 \3,334(tax excluded)
【date of issue】 February 01, 2012
【publisher】 ICAM CO., LTD.

Where did you come from?

Rat's chromosome,
scholarly pursued by Dr. Toshihide Yoshida, National Institute of Genetics.
They let us know the evolution of rat and the history of human.


1975 Award in the category of Educational Film / Biology, Chemistry,
      The Chicago International Film Festival, USA
1975 Bucranio di Brondo, Secondo Premio Nella Categoria,
      Universita Degli Studi di Padova, ITALY
1975 Best Film Prize,
      National Arts Festival, JAPAN
1976 Silver Prize,
      XVI Mostra International do Filme Cientifico, Rio de Janeiro, BRAJIL
1976 Incentiv Award,
      the International Science and Technology Film Festival in Tokyo, JAPAN
1976 Spacail Prize, Japan PR Film Festival, JAPAN
1976 Best Picture Prize,
1976 The Best of Education Minister's Prize,
     Education Film Festival, JAPAN

Japan Medical Association Recommendation
Jaoan Film Pen Club Recommendation

-Credit Title
-Scenario "History of the Rat Inscribed in the Chromosomes"
-Production Note
Production note(excerpted)
"In 1970, I received the award for excellence with my film, “The Beginning of Life”. Before that, a science film had never won a prize in Arts Festival. Then, my producer told me “Make a film that you will be able to win a prize again in the art festival”, but the budget of 3 million yen offered by The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture will be run out with the 35mm camera. I promised to my producer that, at the very best, I would manage with 6 million yen. This is how I started making this film."

"One month after that I had finished the initial writing of the script, the production committee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs called me. I brought the second writing, but they told me that it was not necessary. There was a name tag on which my name was written as “Reference, Junichiro Takeda”, and I was raising my hand, but no one had let me speak. During that one month before they called me, I wanted to improve my script and I couldn’t just wait. So I revised the script and distribute it to them, but they didn’t even try to see the new one. They all had put remarks with a red pencil on my initial writing and each of them could only explain the ideas based on their remarks. Each of them talked 30 minutes! But anyway, it was a lot of fun to even see them because they were famed masters and I had never met them before.
I was invited just as a reference. So, I was not allowed to make mention until I was asked “What do you think about it, Takeda?” Professor Yoshida also said many things every time, but nobody was listening. This was because he was also “Reference, Toshihide Yoshida.”
We have decided to track and put together the results from the study of Professor Yoshida. The intellectuals agreed to this and, finally, the story was closer to the second writing. "
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