We aim to enrich visual representation, which stared into life and gives the impression to the audience. We are poised continuous production of science filmmaking, Planning, directing, shooting, CG Animation, experimental studies and more.
We are working on a new visualization of biological phenomena based on various micro-photography technology developed over 40 years.
Lab We own a research laboratory where established specialists and laboratory staffs can visualize the living body and the cell.
Cine-Science Laboratory is the only one producing creative scientific images in the world.
Filming Our cinematographers film many scientific events in cooperation with the members of the Cine-Science Laboratory.
The time-lapsed microscopic filming of life are done successively during several nightsfvigils.
cah iDigital Bio Imagingj In the Digital Bio Imaging Room, vivid and precise computer graphics (CGs) are created by our staffs. The CG staffs know the living body and the cells very well and are updated regarding the latest knowledge in life sciences and medical fields. Their CGs trigger within us warm feelings and display clear images about life. Direction Director is taking the lead in writing the story. Director need to lead each staff's ability into the maximum. It make the movie best. Planning & Direction Our planning staffs edit academic information. Directors create images with correct expressions based on the latest information.