AUG. 1968 Established as Cine-Science Co., Ltd. in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
SEP. 1975 Moved to Hongo, Tokyo.
APR. 1984 Purchased a new building and
open the new headquarter in Tokiwadai, Tokyo.
1985 Produced the exhibition "Cell Universe"
at the Scientific World Exposition '85 in Tsukuba, Japan.
1988 Produced the pavirion "Health on the earth"
at the Gibu-Chubu Future Exposition '88, in Gifu, Japan.
AUG. 1992 Changed the company name into "ICAM Co.,Ltd."
1992 Set the "ICAM medical video library
APR. 1995 Substantially extended the headqurter building and open the new annex.
JAN. 2000 Established "Cine-Science Laboratory Co.,Ltd." as an affiliate.
2007 Start publishing business
2009 Published series of "Spacetime cube Monade "
2012 Opened "ICAM-Europe" as sales offices for oversea
2013 Start "Air Dome Caravan"